@evanstonroundtable Instagram account: I created a new brand style guide and regularly adapted feature articles, investigations and special coverage for social engagement.

Evanston Essays series identity / for the Evanston RoundTable

Animated graphic for OPINION: It's time to (actually) BeReal / for The Student Life

"Capture the Flag Boston" event poster / freelance project 

Evanston Votes 2022 midterm election graphics  / for the Evanston RoundTable

Logo for the Inclusive Claremont housing organization

Logo/poster for the Cross Campus crossword club

Sticker design and social media promo / for KSPC 88.7

Graphic and interactive timeline elements for Evanston's historic reparations program: A 101 guide / for the Evanston RoundTable

Books and arts review section logos / for the Evanston RoundTable

Social media graphic and podcast logo / for KSPC 88.7